Amazon Annie vs Janira & Izzy- Knockout Wrestling!
$11.99 - 15:33

Janira shows up for a match but it's not who she's expecting! Janira is still learning the ropes and Amazon Annie is not in the mood to teach! Annie goes after Janira and gets a KO on her pretty quickly since Amazon Annie towers over and Janira and easily out-muscles her! 
Janira's sister Izzy shows up and the two try to work together but Amazon Annie makes that difficult by attacking them one at a time and splitting them up, each taking a turn being knocked out and then both of them knocked out again! 
Annie even attacks them with a double leg scissor and knocks them out!
It's easy to think how this is going to end but the two sisters devise a plan. Every other plan of theirs has failed. Will this one succeed? 


KO Count: 7!

KO's: Bearhug, Sleeper, Leg scissors, DOUBLE leg scissors...

Featuring: Amazon Annie, Janira Wolfe, Izzy