Mutiny Idelsy Rag-Doll Match
$15.99 - 17:00
Here is an interesting match that pits a seasoned veteran wrestler, Mutiny, against a fresh newcomer, Idelsy! What could possibly go wrong? Well, lucky for those of you who enjoy one-sided matches, just about everything!
Mutiny starts in with the rookie wrestler right away, being slightly inappropriate, teasing Idelsy and questioning her attire but she does not wait long to start putting some pain on Idelsy.
Soon enough, Idelsy takes a mat nap and Mutiny decides to try some various moves, some official, others not so official and we know Mutiny doesn't like to play by the rules!
Soon Idelsy is waking up only to be roughed up and put back to sleep by Mutiny who then continues to pose and pose ON, her sleeping victim!
Mutiny continues her torture by putting Idelsy in a dragon sleep while she's still out as well as a facesit and other moves..
How this match ends is a little bit of a surprise that we won't spoil for you!
KO Count: 3 long ones
KO's:2 Sleeperhold,Leg Scissor