Bondage Wrestling 1
$16.99 - 16:00
Wonder Sarah is on the hunt for a thief that's been stealing money from the girls locker room. She is blindsided by Mutiny and the two girls tussle, with Sarah getting the upper hand. Just when she thinks she has things under control, Andrea sneaks her from behind with a hairpull and now it's a two on one!

They try to subdue her with a mysterious rag but Sarah kicks out and is able to free herself! She puts up a good fight but eventually she falls victim to the other girls efforts and it's off to dreamland for our heroine!

The girls decide it would be best to tie Sarah up and Andrea fetches the ropes and ties her hands behind her back. She is then gagged but as Mutiny starts to tie her ankles, Sarah comes to and starts to kick and fight once again!

Sarah is making a lot of noise while she is trying to break free and Mutiny decides its best to hand gag her mouth and nose as well. Soon, Sarah is out once again!

Mutiny then finishes off tying Sarah's ankles and as the two villainesses go to finish off Sarah with a hogtie, she awakes once again! This time, there isn't much she can do, so the other girls start to have a little fun with Sarah, tweaking and teasing her nipples, dragging her around by the hogtie rope and laughing and humiliating the now subdued heroine!

Finally, Andrea gets the hogtie finished on Sarah and the two girls watch and laugh as she squirms around..
The girls are about to leave but fear all of Sarah's yelling and thrashing might alert someone to her presence, so Andrea decides to shut her up one more time.

One last eyecheck and the girls leave Sarah to herself. Sweet Dreams!!

Featuring: Mutiny, Andrea Rosu, Sarah Brooke