Lady Leopard vs. Knightwoman & Robyn
$9.99 - 13:35
Heroine Wrestling is back again with a unique bout featuring Arkham Heights dynamic duo, Knightwoman & Robyn, battling the wily and gymnastic Lady Leopard!

Round one finds our heroines looking for the cat-like villainess and they get more than they can handle when she cartwheels onto the scene. The Leopard takes control early and soon has Knightwoman & Robyn at her mercy. She pummels the super girls and unleashes her infamous Cat Claw on both of their vulnerable bellies. Round 1 ends with a nifty knockout of both the heroines courtesy of Lady Leopard's long legs.

Knight & Robyn awake and are now ready to take down their frisky feline foe. They tag team the villainess with multiple body blows and back breakers that soon have her down for the count.

Round 3 opens with Knightwoman asking Robyn to guard the downed enemy while she goes to alert the authorities. Robyn goes in for a closer look at Leopard, and is surprised with a hidden sleepy rag! She sends Robyn off to dreamland & then picks up The Girl Wonder and carries her about the ring, looking for Knightwoman. The Dark Knight returns and tries to avenge her fallen sidekick, but Lady Leopard has too many tricks up her sleeve. Soon, Knightwoman also succumbs to the sleep inducing rag.

The dynamic duo awake again and set out to take their prey down for good. Leopard is ready for their attack, but is soon over powered. They force her into dual neck and body scissor locks and Leopard is sent off to slumber town.

The final round has the heroines gloating over the Leopard, but she then springs back to life and unleashes a devastating beating on the unsuspecting crimefighters! She kicks and punches them into submission, while tag teaming them with the sleepy rag. Once helplessly groggy, Leopard lifts and carrys both the heroines away so she can get back to her crime spree!

Featuring: Onyx, Liz Lightspeed, Jade Indica